We are a main partner of Cape 1022.02.2021

Wir sind ein Hauptpartner von Cape 10

Cape 10 – a “place of encounter for all” in the heart of Vienna. We are proud to be able to make a contribution as part of such a significant project. What is CAPE 10? CAPE 10 has been created as a special “place of encounter for all” in the middle of Vienna’s 10th district. CAPE 10 is a modern social and health centre in the newly established Sonnwend neighbourhood, near to Vienna Main Train Station. A centre for all people – including those who have social or health disadvantages, in particular women, children and young people. The name CAPE 10 represents a place of hope where social innovations and a future of solidarity are made real, visible and tangible. The CAPE 10 vision CAPE 10 is designed to be a modern, forward-looking public space for living and thriving, created as a symbol of social reorientation and responsibility. At CAPE 10, people living in poverty can receive healthcare, support and companionship. We provide financial support for therapies, therapeutic aids and treatments, and finance educational opportunities for socially disadvantaged children. For us, the concept of social responsibility means helping those who are weak to regain their strength in their everyday lives! Why is CAPE 10 necessary? The social gap continues to grow, and Austria is no exception. Here, around 1.5 million people are at acute risk of poverty – and more than 300,000 of them are children. With a state of health that is three times worse than that of children from prosperous circumstances, they fall ill twice as often and have a life expectancy that is up to 10 years shorter. What offers are available at CAPE 10? This multi-storey building covering around 5,000 m2 of usable space houses various social and health institutions. A paediatric surgery, general health services and psychological services are currently being set up. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Vinzenz Gruppe, CAPE 10 also features a low-threshold health centre that attends to people who do not have health insurance. Additional partners are the MAX & LARA Competence Centre for Youth and Families as well as Obdach Ester – the day centre for homeless women by Obdach Wien. The “Future Health Lab” places focus on digital innovation in the health sector – digital health services in the areas of prevention and the treatment of chronic diseases. Culinary establishments, events and interaction spaces act as multifunctional “spaces of opportunity” that only fulfil their true purpose when they welcome visitors in the context of their particular needs.