Zentrale Haring Group - Wien 22

We value good properties. And good relationships.

The Haring Group considers itself a comprehensive real estate developer. We purchase, plan, construct, sell and manage properties. In doing so, our priorities are precisely aligned with those of our customers: quality down to the very last detail, and fulfilling individual wishes.

And because our daily business involves not just houses, but first and foremost people, our most important values are respect, humanity and trust.

The Haring Group’s company history


Establishment of Hart & Haring Bauträger GmbH, laying the foundation for a successful real estate and property development company.


The first major housing project with 16 detached houses is executed.


The company continues to grow steadily and establishes itself as a relevant property developer in Vienna. Increased focus is placed on private residential buildings as well as residential projects in top locations. By now, the company is selling over 250 units a year, and adds reinforcements to its team of employees.


The company becomes the Haring Group, which now covers all areas of residential and freehold properties. From this point onwards, new focus is placed on investment properties, which are managed by the subsidiary Haring Investment. New location as of 01/07/2013: Doninpark.


20 residential projects with a total volume of 731 units.
9 housing projects, approx. 27 units for sale.


The first crowdfunding project is implemented in autumn 2016.


Growth is recorded in the business area of “institutional sales”. Private foundations and investors recognise the potential of investment properties as an alternative and make the most of the company’s offering. In connection with this, the leasing and management division also shows excellent development.


The executive board sees a change of staff with the addition of Denise Smetana. Ms. Smetana manages the company together with founder and owner Karl Haring.
Second location at the centre of Graz is opened: January 2018.


Currently, the Haring Group employs 70 members of staff at 2 locations. Since the founding of the company, a total of 75 residential properties as well as 75 housing properties have been built.