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Everything from a single source. Truly.

Hand on heart: In the five areas of real estate brokerage, development, investment, financing and property management, we are the number one address for your real estate questions.

Haring Immobilien

Haring Immobilien: homes with a feel-good factor

We offer more than just real estate brokerage! Anyone living in an apartment or house of the Haring Group is part of the family. We have the best properties for all wants and needs, conclude contracts straightforwardly and hassle-free, and provide support for our customers around the clock.

For further information please visit www.haring-immobilien.at

Haring Development

Haring Development: living space for generations to come

The right plot of land is the foundation for every successful residential project. Haring Development acquires and develops new properties throughout the whole of Austria, creating living spaces that stand the test of time.

For further information please visit www.haring-development.at

Haring Investment

Haring Investment: investment properties with high returns

Real estate as a store of value is becoming more and more attractive. But what is the right approach to a freehold property project? So that investors are able to reap the benefits of their investment in the long term without going grey in the process, we put together a full-service package and support you throughout every step of the way to your very own “concrete gold”, ensuring your investment truly pays off

Haring Consulting

Haring Consulting: Real estate financing made easy

As property developers, we have particularly strong relationships with the major Austrian banks and offer our customers especially affordable financing models that are flexibly designed on the basis of our customers’ needs. The result? A feeling of satisfaction in terms of both financing and living.

Wesiak Haring property management: first-class service for owners, investors and tenants

Whether dealing with tenancy law, rights of residence or tax law: our team of professionals always have the answer and are your superheroes for personalised management that you can truly trust. This is why every single property has a personal contact person who will swiftly and confidently find a solution for every issue.