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Sell your property. But not just to anyone.

What is the best way to sell a property?

Perhaps you’ve been considering selling your property for a while, and are wondering: When is the best time to sell a property? To whom should I sell my plot of land? What happens to it after that?

We know that selling a property is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Which is why you should put your trust in our experience and discretion when taking this step.


We purchase your property in Vienna and the surrounding area.

Our search profile: 

  • Undeveloped plots of land (any size)
  • Properties with a permit to be repurposed (agricultural land or factories)
  • Smaller special projects in inner-city locations
  • Condemned buildings
  • Apartment buildings


Property acquisition: The dream homes of tomorrow!

Since the founding of the Haring Group, we have acquired over 150 plots of land upon which we have implemented modern and affordable housing projects. If you sell your plot of land to the HARING GROUP, it is sure to be well-used in future and to create sustainable living space for generations to come.

Alongside the classic option of property acquisition, you may also take advantage of another alternative: become part of the HARING family and exchange your plot of land for modern, newly built apartments (of equal value), which you can subsequently let or use yourself.


What do I need to do if I want to sell my plot of land?

Give us a call or send us an email! We will listen and then put together a fully personalised offer for you. Our entire team always looks forward to new projects. Profit from the ideas proposed by our team of in-house architects, the market knowledge of our renting department and the experience of our entire project development department.


And when it’s really urgent: selling your property immediately.

Give us a call today; we are here for you if you want to sell your property in or around Vienna quickly.

Get in touch with us – free of charge and with no obligation.

Marcus Urban

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