Haring Group

Living begins not only in your own four walls, but it is the overall setup that encourages people to buy a flat.

We about us

The Haring Group is one of the leading providers of corporate-produced real estates in Vienna. For about ten years, we rely on the integrated management of housing projects – from the real estate acquisition beyond the entire building control to the turnkey delivery to the buyer.

The focus of our projects is based on infrastructure and living quality of attractive locations, on the one hand, and an optimal connection of all energetic, ecological and ergonomic aspects, on the other hand. Specification is always the latest state of technology, design and environmental sustainability. In this way, it is possible to offer you a maximum residential quality. Today and even in the future.



The dedicated and ambitious team of our construction support company would like to create a network together with selected partners, where the key elements such as openness, confidence and competence represent the company's success. We see your long-term satisfaction with the new private residential building or your new flat as our aim and great challenge. According to our concept of housing needs, terms such as location, architecture and facilities are today not the only decisive criteria when choosing the built centre of your life. Even attention to detail, living atmosphere and comfort make measurable parameters for us. We would like to offer you safety and security with our houses which are massively built of bricks. Together with our partners, we help you, of course. We are now pleased to accompany you on your way to the new urban living..

The company history of the Haring Group


Founding of the Hart & Haring Bauträger GmbH, thus laying the cornerstone of a successful real estate and construction company.


The first big project of the house with 16 single-family houses is realized.

2008 – 2013

The company has continued to grow and established itself as a relevant real estate developer in Vienna. Reinforced private residential buildings and housing projects in top positions are realized. The company sells more than 250 units in the year and further expands its employee base.


The company becomes the Haring Group which covers all areas of residential and retirement real estates. Now, a new focus is placed on investors real estates which are managed by the Haring Investment subsidiary company.
New site from 01/07/2013: Doninpark


20 housing projects with a total volume of 731 units.
9 house construction projects, approximately 27 units for sale.


Im Geschäftsbereich „institutional sales“ ist ein Zuwachs zu verzeichnen. Privatstiftungen bzw. Investoren haben die Alternative der Anlegerwohnungen erkannt und nutzen das Angebot des Unternehmens. In Zusammenhang damit entwickelt sich auch die Vermietungs- und Verwaltungsabteilung sehr gut.


In der Geschäftsführung gibt es mit Denise Smetana eine personelle Veränderung. Frau Smetana leitet das Unternehmen gemeinsam mit dem Gründer und Eigentümer Karl Haring.
Zweiter Standort im Zentrum von Graz wird eröffnet: Jänner 2018


Aktuell beschäftigt die Haring Group 68 Mitarbeiter an 2 Standorten. Seit Gründung wurden bereits 73 Objekte im Bereich Wohnbau errichtet, sowie 75 im Bereich Hausbau.