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Fully supervised by our 5 pillars facility management, our customers can relax, lean back and focus on the important things of their life.


Investor real estates

Investment flats are investment properties, which are not occupied by the apartment owners, but rented. The income from rent is used for repayment and the interest on the invested capital. Thus it builds a valuable investment and a long-term and on-going source of revenue: we develop with our customers together a tailor-made investment concept.


Real estate brokerage

The main focus is quite clear on the marketing of the own rental projects of the Haring Group. The Haring Immobilien-Treuhand GmbH has laid the foundation for the real estate brokerage business with the project in the Widerinstrasse 18, 3100 St. Pölten. The processing of the tenancy contracts and customer support on the way to their rented flat are based on usual Haring Group quality.

For more information, see below: http://www.haring-immobilien.at/


The advantages of our real estate financing

As real estate developers, we have particularly good relations with the largest Austrian banks. We gladly use them to offer special favourable financing for our customers. We give customers a good feeling in the consulting and thus can affect the customer in sales support.


The suitable commercial properties

The suitable commercial properties are the basis for every successful residential project. The Haring Development deals with the development and the acquisitions of new commercial properties in all Austria and thus lays the groundwork for your new home!

Best service for owners, investors and tenants

Our team is highly trained and has well-founded specialist knowledge in the areas of tenancy law, right of residence and tax law. Our customized management solutions are based on the highest customer satisfaction. Your trust is our reference. Each object is supported by your personal contact person. A fixed contact person gives security and leads to quick solutions.